Friday, July 20, 2018

The United Nations – Enemy of Individual Freedom

un global governance

Collectivism’s only hope for worldwide success rests in the formation of an international organization whose influence and powers supersede national borders and eliminate the concept of national and individual sovereignty. The founding of the United Nations after World War II provided collectivists with the perfect mechanism by which to achieve those goals.

The right to own private property that cannot be arbitrarily confiscated by the government is the source of our Freedom. Our founders, especially Thomas Jefferson, understood that a person’s property consisted not only of his land, home and possessions, but also the work of his hands, the inventions of his brain, and ultimately his life itself. Protection for these property rights is enshrined in our Constitution and finds its primary source in the Ten Commandments . . . prohibitions against envy, theft, bearing false witness, and murder deal directly with protection of our Natural Law rights. 

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