Friday, August 17, 2018

Bill Cooper Warned about Deep State 20 YEARS AGO

Via Herta

Full speech


  1. I think if I recall correctly, Bill Cooper predicted the 9-11-01 event as a "false flag" in June of 2001. But that was a "conspiracy theory" so it must be ridiculed and ignored, they say. And he was killed in a shootout with LEO's, I believe, a couple of months later. --Ron W

  2. Thanks, I was just reading up on him.

  3. Cooper's background was in Naval Intelligence. I used to listen to him on short wave radio back around 2000. I started listening after the OKC bombing in 1995. Bill Clinton blamed that on a certain "Patriot" broadcaster on broadcasting on WWCR nearby me in Nashville, TN and on "right wing" talk radio in general. He admonished NOT to listen, so I started listening. Afterward, I ran across Bill Cooper's radio show called "Hour of the Time" and Alex Jones. Whether or not you agree with these guys, they certainly exposed the "lies of omission" of the MSM. Basically their message was and is: God Bless the Republic--death to the New World Order (globalism) and adherence to the Constitution and ALL of the Bill of Rights. I'm good with that. --Ron W

  4. Some believe Cooper was set-up to be gunned down. The para medics
    were on site before anything happened. The only version one
    gets is the police and you know how that goes.
    I wonder what started him on his road to enlightenment. I read
    some on the invasion of Panama and how the Bush's were totally
    behind it to protect their interests. This was in his book 'Behold A Pale Horse.' He must have seen and heard some
    pretty heinous stuff during his military career. Like Pat

    1. Good thoughts and as I'm fond of saying, I'll believe anything these days.