Friday, August 17, 2018

Rare Breed and Spike’s Spartan AR is a Functioning Work of Art


Rare Breed Firearms and Spike’s Tactical have teamed up to deliver the new Spartan series of AR-15-pattern rifles and receiver sets. The series features Spartan imagery and custom Cerakote finishes that makes each part a true work of art.

The series is available exclusively through Spike’s Tactical and it’s just the beginning. The eye-catching design took over a year to develop. It’s compatible with all standard lower components and all standard upper receivers.

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  1. And, what is the point? Will spending all of that money on decorations and symbolism enable you to stay alive longer when the SHTF?

    1. Just think how many rifles you could buy instead.

  2. Most people buy cars for the same reason. They buy them to look like an extension of their egos rather than their reliability and economy. When emotional spasms go up against critical thinking in America there's no question as to the outcome.

  3. Just goes to show most people have more money then brains... or is it Brians? I can't ever keep them straight...

  4. Artistry is something the industry needs, good on'em.
    Some people buy a Civic or Toyota because they're simple and it's adequate to get them from 'A'to 'B'. Strictly for utility. Others, who want more of an experience and have the means, buy a new model top of the line Corvette or Ferrari, because it merits a deeper response. If I could, I'd shoot said Spartan every now and then, while it isn't on open display in my home.