Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Police Kill Innocent Homeowner After He Killed Intruder

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Black, who grew up in Anderson, South Carolina, graduated from The Citadel and fought in the war in Vietnam where he received a Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and a Purple Heart for his bravery. 

Gary Black had just killed a home break-in artist when police mistook him for the criminal and shot him dead.

Naturally, all attention is being devoted to the big mistake by police. 

However, Gary would still be alive if not for the real criminal. Blacks and wetbacks have moved into the area, turning a formerly safe neighborhood into a dangerous one. The press needs to identify the dead perp, along with his criminal record.

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  1. The important part is this: After fearing for their lives, did the cops go home safely at the end of their shift? (sarcasm switched off now)

  2. The name of the criminal naked intruder was Dajon Harper. He
    went straight for the 11 yr. old boy asleep on the sofa, took
    him to the bathroom, biting his ear, strangling him. This freak
    had been watching the boy.
    Such a miscarriage of justice. Fight for your gov and get killed
    by your gov.

    1. Wonder what excuse the cop will come up with? The criminal must be a space case. Thanks.