Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trump pardoned the Hammonds, but there's more to be done

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Congratulations to President Trump for heeding my call, and the calls of other westerners, farmers, and ranchers, to pardon the Hammonds. Neither he, nor his appointees, nor bureaucrats, however, should rest on their laurels. There are many agency vendettas and prosecutorial abuses to undo, and many innocents to be made whole. One of those victims is Pastor Victor Fuentes of Nevada.

Dwight and Steven Hammond are a father-son ranching duo from Oregon. They were prosecuted under a terrorism statute and sentenced to five years in prison in 2015, punishment for arson charges that stemmed from controlled burns started on their ranch that spread onto nearby public lands.

Trump pardoned them on July 10. In a congratulatory commentary on the pardon, the Wall Street Journal's editorial board reported that in its efforts to “drive out [the Hammonds and other ranchers],” the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service “mismanaged water to let ranchlands flood.”

The Hammonds are not the only westerners wronged in a case of “theft by flooding.” So, too, was Pastor Fuentes, who fled Castro’s Cuba and whose church — a small, mostly Spanish-speaking congregation — built a 40-acre refuge in the Nevada desert for troubled youth.


  1. The Hammond's started a fire on federal property to coverup the crime of poaching. They did it, it was proved in court and this author more than likely knows he is lying about the facts of this case.

    Pastor Victor Fuentes diverted a stream. Who out there believes they have the right to divert a stream? He may not have been intending to do something terrible but he did in fact do something unlawful. Simple as that.

    1. Who out there believes they have the right to divert a stream?

      Oh no, how terrible.......Another Useful Idiot has stumbled upon us.

    2. Seriously! All streams, rivers, lakes and ponds are claimed by someone. Various private property rights and water rights exist as well as local, state and federal laws. You cannot dam, block, alter or impede a waterway without breaking the law. Without law and order there would be chaos. Surely you cannot disagree with that concept.

    3. Anon,

      I believe you are mistaken about Fuentes and legality.

    4. Good find. Thanks.

  2. You know Brock it had to happen to you one day, useful idiots and concern trolls especially the anonymous-es that can't seem to remember their names or think they hide behind it. They are cowards and traitors.
    Cederq - Kevin Cederquist