Saturday, August 11, 2018

Stolen Plane In Seattle Crashes After F-15 Engages In Chase, Reports Say


A stolen plane has crashed in Seattle after at least one military fighter aircraft engaged in chasing it, according to multiple local media outlets.

Seattle–Tacoma International Airport reported that "An airline employee conducted an unauthorized takeoff without passengers at Sea-Tac; aircraft has crashed in south Puget Sound."

"We've confirmed a Horizon Air Q400 that had an unauthorized takeoff from SeaTac around 8pm has gone down near Ketron Island in Pierce County, WA," Alaska Airlines said in a statement. "We're working to confirm who was on board, we believe there were no guests or crew on board other than the person operating the plane."

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  1. They are trying to say it was suicide but I think not. He was
    looking for a place to land and did not know how to land the
    plane. Conversation between Rich and air traffic control on
    where to try and land plane. Kind of sad:

  2. Very interesting and most strange. Thanks.

  3. He seemed like a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Complained
    about the minimum wage and all the bags but well liked and he
    had good benefits and got to see the world for free. The
    plane was running out of gas, one of the engines was failing
    and he c/o of dizziness and nausea from lack of oxygen.I believe
    the plane ran out of gas and crashed. It's been said, it's
    easy to get the plane in the air but the hard part is landing.
    Really too bad. Hopefully, the family well offer some insight.

    1. He seemed like a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Hopefully, the family well offer some insight.

      Yes, but I can't imagine what he was thinking irregardless of whether he could land or not.

  4. I can kind of understand Rich's yearning as my parents allowed this
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