Saturday, September 8, 2018

Dem Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because 'They Can't Win in the Battle of Ideas'


Radio host Michael Knowles said on "Fox & Friends" that Democratic Socialists are urging Socialists to become teachers because they can't win a "fair fight."

A pamphlet by the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), in conjunction with the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, outlines a push for socialists to "take jobs as teachers" as a way to move teachers unions "in a more militant and democratic direction."

Knowles said that according to numerous surveys, "the blood-soaked history" of socialism is unknown by millennials, leading them to identify as supporters of the movement.

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  1. Which demonstrates they're uneducated in history by which it is a known fact that socialism is an old, grim, failed system that crushes freedom and prosperity. --Ron W

    1. socialism is an old, grim, failed system that crushes freedom and prosperity.

      Many times failed. I remember reading Bastiat where he said that Socialism invariably turns into Communism but can't find it on the web now....?

  2. It comes with giving women a right above our own, one we ourselves don't even have. The Right to Vote.
    As I've been saying over and over, Arts degrees are easy to obtain, that's why all BAR members, and most teachers, have arts degree accreditation. Jb/c it says PhD, doesn't mean it's based on science or any objective facts.
    It's an addiction to VIOLENCE(by the state sanction), and the 'white knights' only make it worse. I know you're good people, make an effort consider a different perspective(less government), you might see we agree on more than we disagree.