Saturday, September 8, 2018

Trump Insurrection


Former economic advisor Gary Cohn swipes notes that President Trump made from his desk and gives them to reporter Bob Woodward of Watergate fame that Woodward then uses to promote his new book entitled FEAR.

Former Director of Communications Omarosa Manigault Newman is said to have audio taped every conversation she had in the White House and without substantiation claims The Donald used the “N” word and has more video tapes and emails too.  She is on a nationwide tour to tout her new book with the news press giving a “spy” the limelight to kick off her new career.  Some would call this a security breach worthy of incarceration.   The Trump Administration is smart enough not press charges against Omarosa and make her infamous.

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  1. I believe that jotted notation meant: "Trade as it exists now and was negotiated under the past4 presidents is BAD for America." But, as per their usual destroy Trump by all methods, agenda the left will spin it into "Trade is a bad thing" figuring those uninformed voters will buy their baloney

  2. ?? #1. How much of that page is cropped? #2. What was purposely digitally removed/deleted/redacted/omitted from the hand written words. #3. What was the original statement? #4. Since we know who stole the note (Former economic advisor Gary Cohn) from the DESK of the UNITED STATES PRESIDENT; was that person arrested/charged? Geeze Louise, if this small time pilfering continues, We the People are going to need ALOT MORE ROPE than we originally estimated. IMHO, this deserves at least one Picasso, {%()>

    1. was that person arrested/charged?

      I guess they think it's better to ignore this, as strange as it seems.