Saturday, September 29, 2018

FORD CAUGHT IN MAJOR LIE? — City Remodeling Permits Show Project She Linked to Kavanaugh Was in 2008 NOT 2012

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Speaking of being full of s---.



 Christine Blasey Ford told the US Senate Judiciary Committee that the memories of Brett Kavanaugh “first came up” when she went into counseling in 2012. In May 2012 Ford and her husband argued over her desire to add “a second front door” to their home. Ford told the committee on Thursday the desire for a second door was because Brett Kavanaugh made her “claustrophobic.”


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  1. That information was exactly my point in an earlier post, where the hell is the conservative opposition research. Those lies should have been know before she testified. Now, as always the GOP is trying to play catch-up and not doing very well.

    Other than a handful of Congressmen and Senators, I see ZERO passion from the republican side. I sit here at home trying to decide, are they that inept, or ignorant, or bribed, or low energy. Honestly, the majority setting there might as well be mannequins for all they do. I absolutely loathe everything the democrat party stands for today, but at least they act like they care. Where is the passion on the GOP side? From where I sit there isn’t much. Until President Trump, Teddy Roosevelt was the last energetic republican president. That is a pretty long spell of logs just sitting there.

    Hey GOP, President Trump, was elected because you, the leaders do not seem to care. I see mountains of energy out here on the republican side. The energy and passion from “we the people” is unmatched. But you are leaders act like you are just going through the motions. You want your safe easy life. Just relax and listen to a string quartet play soothing music. It is time to WAKE UP! Because as I have said many, many times, we President Trump supporters do not support you, the GOP. Either begin leading or get out of the way since your time is done. The RINO party is dead. We are done voting for politicians that lie to us and do nothing in which we believe.

    I will never vote for a democrat, but I am also done voting for democrats in republican clothing. If you as a republican are not passionate and fight for what I believe, then you do not get my vote. Either the republican party begins to act, or they will die. Might as well have a democrat party dictatorship since we have one already.


  2. This joke for a witness was going to use the same ol' same ol'
    on Romney if he should have won in 2012. Just store it away
    for future use:

    1. I saw that and thought it strange at first but after seeing the hearings, believe it could be correct. Thanks.