Saturday, September 29, 2018

Think Progress Editor Tweets Republicans Should Be Confronted In Their Homes. Shapiro Issues One Hell Of A Warning.

 Would make a good range target.

 Because if you confront me where I sleep -- in my own home -- it's not unlikely you get shot.

On Friday, Ian Millhiser, justice editor at the hard-left site Think Progress, who got his law degree from Duke University, decided to wax militant regarding Republicans, tweeting they should be confronted not only where they eat, but in their own bedrooms:


  1. I hope one of the leftards tries it on my property. My wife hasn't shot something since she blew away a nasty ole cotton mouth. She ants to try out her new 20 gauge.

  2. Please try it please bring your own body bag

  3. They are little children playing in their sandboxes.