Thursday, September 20, 2018

Join American Sheriffs to Secure America’s Borders!



Without border security and immigration reform, more Americans will continue to be victims of crime.
Now is the time to act! Secure our borders!

Join America’s Sheriffs to Secure Our Borders!

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  1. What a joke! How many are like our sheriff? Useless piece of crap!

  2. i have this neighbor.retired LEO. member of the UTE Indian tribe. she talks to me about her beliefs. she is a true native Coloradan. a trustworthy soul. she tells me she got her religion at an early age. one of the basic precepts she obeys is to be self sufficient when it comes to defending herself. sorta like Sikhs. mind you, we're having this conversation at my back porch table while cleaning rifles and pistols. she is always armed and aware. hell of a shot. eyes like a hawk. has forty years of tae kwan do under her belt. 5'2" and 110 lbs and physically hard. a all around nice person to know. enjoyable to be around. tells me i should join her religion and stay armed up because their coming our way, trust me...why is it the first thought I had when she said that is "oh boy, i've gotta live long enough to see this it'll be better than a chuck norris movie"
    many people confuse sheriffs with Law Enforcement Officers. Sheriffs are politicians, nothing more. they are elected. makes them politicians. when they're kissing babies, they're probably just stealing the lolly pops. the deputies reflect the sheriffs character. usually better educated than city cops. good people. know a few.
    and every one of them is pissed about our borders being unsecured.

    1. every one of them is pissed about our borders being unsecured.

      That is good. The sheriff in Carteret county gave a speech at our SCV camp there. A friend who went to high school with him told me in the event of civil unrest he would seal the county off. It backs up upon the ocean and includes the Croatan National Forest which is 259 square miles.