Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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Unless you believe the polls from CNN, NBC, and New York Times, there is no blue wave coming in November. At the very worst I see things staying pretty much as they are. A lot can happen in the next four weeks. But if things continue as they are now, Democrats will lose seats. Democrats stand to lose 0-5 Senate seats, and perhaps 6 to over 15 seats in the House.

If we stay on the current path, Democrats are not going to like the November outcome. A lot can happen both bad or good. There is a good possibility Republicans will beat historical trends of off year elections. This is possible for many reasons. The latest is the “Kavanaugh Catastrophe.” The left are completely out of touch with America today. They have silenced Free Speech to the point they only hear one side. They do not even know there is another. Democrats and the Media tried the old standard play, smear and move on.

They forgot fifty years of Media bias and lies has damaged their credibility. Other than a tiny segment, the public do not believe them. Too many remember the Media attacks on accused sexual assaults. Only to discover they had ZERO credibility. False accusations that destroyed good people. Then the Media ignored the damage they themselves had done. People do not believe the accusation, they want some proof. This Ford accusation had more holes than a slice of Swiss Cheese. And the Media ignored the lies and misstatements by Ford and the others.

Depending on the polls you look at the “Kavanaugh Catastrophe,” did serious damage to the Media and more important to Democrats. The ones I have looked at show a loss of Independent Voters support for Democrats. They lost between 11% to 30% of support from Independent voters just because of the way democrats treated Kavanaugh. It even hurt them with Democrats. Again depending on the poll, Democrats lost between 4% and 15% of Democrat voters.

The never-ending negativity from Democrats and the Media are another factor. Working Americans, Independents and even Democrats see the improvements. There are more jobs. Their wages going up. Millions got bonuses from the Trump Tax Bill. But the Media and Democrats cannot force themselves to say anything unless it is negative. One of the overriding truisms, positive plays better. We have President Trump and Republicans talking about making things even better. The only thing from the Media and Democrats is how horrible it is. But the people out there working, know it is better and the lies just turn them off.

We are now over two years into nonstop Media stories, “President Trump and the Russians.” Two years of digging. Lots of breaking news innuendo and allegations but NO PROOF. They lost sight of Alinsky’s Rules. Rule Number 7; “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” And the whole Russian collusion story is now a drag. And yet they cannot shut-up about it. People, even Democrats are bored, and want to know, “Where’s the beef?”

Back to where I started, Rand Paul warning of Assassination. I think it is too late to turn back the violence. Going back to the attack at the baseball game 18 months ago, how many Republicans have been physically attacked. Rep. Steve Scalise was shot. Rand Paul was attacked. Candidate Rudy Peters, in California defended himself against a knife attack. All of these attacks were cheered and celebrated by Democrats and supporters. Not counting the verbal assaults. Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, were eating breakfast in Philadelphia, when attacked by Democrat supporters. Ted Cruz and wife were chased from D.C. restaurant, by Democrats. Tomi Lahren attacked at Minneapolis restaurant, by Democrats. Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, chased from restaurant, by Democrats. Sarah Sanders chased from Red Hen restaurant by Owner. Again all of these attacks were cheered and celebrated by Democrats and supporters

If what I believe is a real possibility, Democrats actually lose seats. The left will come unglued. If Republicans increase their influence I look for the left shift quickly to violence. I expect, we will see shooting and assassinations before the end of the year. We now see verbal attacks. If they lose the election there will be shootings of Republicans in restaurants before Thanksgiving. All Republicans in Congress and working in the White House will need security just to walk outside, shop, or eat in a diner. 



  1. The communist (I will lump all the leftist and their sub-categorical freak show into one column) are grasping at straws. They have been exposed for what they truly are. Anyone refusing to acknowledge the corruption, collusion, social engineering, jury-rigging, media lies and total complicity of the left to destroy this country and "American Values" is an enemy of Liberty. Take notes. There will be a final exam.

    1. & they would be foolish to attend the final exam.

  2. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-08/video-shows-antifa-directing-portland-traffic-attacking-drivers-dont-obey

    1. Thanks. https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2018/10/watch-street-anarchy-as-antifa-attacks.html

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