Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lincoln As He Really Was

A review of Lincoln: As He Really Was by Charles T. Pace (Shotwell Publishing, 2018).

Abraham Lincoln was American’s Robespierre, but his crimes only reflected the character flaws he had while in office. Dr. Charles T. Pace, a medical doctor from Greenville, North Carolina, has written a masterful political biography of Lincoln. He portrays Lincoln as a “politician’s politician, a political animal, ambitious, domineering, and ruthless, with a Machiavellian love of power without principle. His biography does not, however, demonize Mr. Lincoln but affirms that he was a deeply flawed man of great rhetorical talent, a man whose character flaws led him to wage war against the Confederacy and destroy the old republic of loosely organized states, replacing it with a centralized state.


  1. What kind of man refuses to allow the exchange of drummer boys and the maimed? The compassion of Lincoln. Think Andersonville was bad, read the history of Camp Douglas and then tell me about the wisdom of Lincoln.

    1. He refused all exchange eventually as it would only make the South stronger as they could not replace their men but the Yankees could. Check out the first link which concerns my Great Uncle.