Sunday, November 11, 2018

Dem wins leave behind a more conservative GOP conference: Midterms put GOP centrists in peril

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A large chunk of centrist Republicans were either wiped out at the polls on Tuesday or are planning to retire at the end of this Congress, while the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus is actually expected to expand its ranks next year.

That means that when Republicans assume their new role in the minority, the GOP will largely be unified as they rally against the Democratic agenda and defend Trump from an onslaught of investigations and hearings.

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  1. By ultra conservative you mean people who actually want the Constitution to function as written? By ultra leftist whom do you mean, its a term we never see, only progressive or hard left.

    Usually these are the people who think Che was a pansy and Stalin was a liberal. You go full Washington Post, never go full Washington Post.

    1. :) They came out against the $PLC today, believe it or not.