Sunday, November 11, 2018

EU Populists In France, Hungary And Italy Continue To Surge In Polls; Le Pen Overtakes Macron

Via Billy

According to the latest polls, the populist wave of anti-mass migration nationalist parties across the European Union is picking up steam, particularly in Italy, France and Hungary as pro-nationalism parties lead their rivals going into next year's EU parliament election.

As we reported last week, a recent poll from Nov. 4 from the Institut Français D’opinion Publique (IFOP) showed that French President Emmanuel Macron's centrist party Republic on the Move (LREM) has fallen to 19%, while Marine Le Pen's right-wing Rassemblement National (RN, formerly National Front) jumped to 21%, according to Euractiv.

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  1. Macron as popular as an STD unless your a left wing nut. But then again 25% of all progressives are on psychotic drugs. Thats scary because that means 75% are walking among us unmedicated.