Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Many Aniti-Trump Republicans Lost

Donald J. TrumpVerified account @realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago
Those that worked with me in this incredible Midterm Election, embracing certain policies and principles, did very well. Those that did not, say goodbye! Yesterday was such a very Big Win, and all under the pressure of a Nasty and Hostile Media!


  1. Well I’ll admit, I was wrong. I did not expect democrats to take back the House. Then again, I did not expect a 113 million to turnout and vote. WOW! Even losing the House doesn’t seem so bad when I see that many people vote.

    Good news republicans picked up seats in the Senate. So getting judges through became a bit easier. Big neutral, welcome back to gridlock. ZERO chance of congress doing anything for the next two years. In the not sure department. Two years of democrats running the House and being democrats. Not sure how Americans will view two years of impeachment hearings. This is a huge question mark. In the end not the best of nights, but it could have been worse.


    1. Yes but good news here
      though I just read FL isn't certain now.Things stated tightening more once Trump took the trail and the NYT stated not to go the impeachment route surprisingly. I noticed Trump spoke highly of Peloski so maybe the Dems might be reasonable. 2020 should be a huge Red Wave for sure, famous last words. :)

    2. I gleefully see a lot of Executive Orders coming...
      Well, never let a good crisis go to waste, or the remedies there within.

  2. We as conscience Conservative did what we should have done back under Obama, we got rid of a lot of GOP trash, going into 2020 we can vote fresh and give President Trump a strong 2cd term.
    He'll have everything else prepared for us, the rest as they say is in our hands.