Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Senate Republicans ride the Trump train to an expanded majority, even as House GOP falls

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The Republican Party expanded its majority in the U.S. Senate in Tuesday’s divisive midterm elections, riding a Trump train fueled by red-state enthusiasm right through the rough political headwinds that knocked the GOP from power in the House of Representatives.

At odds last year after the Obamacare repeal effort collapsed, President Trump and Republicans in the Senate made amends, coalesced around a historic $1.3 trillion tax overhaul, and united for the 2018 fight. The race unfolded amid a toxic environment Republicans hadn’t experienced since 2006, when a blue wave sank their congressional majorities, leaving them anxious that an electoral map dominated by ruby red battlegrounds wouldn’t save them.

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  1. The current GOP only obtained one
    Congressional seat more than the
    GOP did from the 82' midterms.