Monday, December 10, 2018

Social Justice and Clemson University


In November 2018 Will Hiott, Director and Curator of Historic Properties at Clemson University, included a thinly disguised political paper from Clemson University History Professor Rhondda Robinson Thomas as part a packet distributed to Historic Properties Advisory Committee members.

The essay has no relevance to ongoing volunteer efforts toward the Preservation of Historic campus buildings and is nothing more than an angry missive with clear animus towards the history of Clemson University,the Confederacy, and the South in general. This seems to be par for the course in the modern historic profession. Why would a person with such open contempt for the history of Clemson University continue to work there? As a member of the HPAC committee and as a member of the Calhoun family, I am obligated to counter and refute several points of what amounts to nothing more than social justice position paper masquerading as “history.”

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