Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Watch Trump, Pelosi, & Schumer Clash Over Border Wall Funding In Heated Office Meeting



  1. Nancy PIGlosi almost sounds sober and nearly coherent. She is still Guano Crazy, IMHO. And Chuckles Schemer was his usual LYING BAT RASTARD SELF. What a couple of maroons. They and the RINOs in congress won't do squat toward building a physical barrier on our southern border. It would hamper their new voter registration numbers.

    I am with President Trump, "Build the Damn Wall! NOW!!"

    1. I am with President Trump, "Build the Damn Wall! NOW!!"

      Hear Hear!

  2. I am not surprised by both of their instance that what they say not be recorded. They ARE swamp creatures that want to live in the darkness.


  3. Pelosi & Schumer were argumentative and condescending. It was evident that Trump was trying to work with them and they were blowing him off.

    Build the wall. Prosecute dimocrats that have broken the law.

  4. Trump could take Guzman's money. ( drug dealer who was arrested )
    Guzman is worth billions. Reagan took drug dealers money which
    was cocaine money coming from Central America for a project he
    wanted/needed financed.