Sunday, January 27, 2019

Comment on "How the Shutdown Shows Us Exactly Where to Start Cutting Government":

blurry state house

The other thing ignored here and possibly on the authors elephant in the room list, its that all these government dept's are not government but subcontracted out roles to the private sector through agencies/quangos, they are corporatons and not the goverment which would make them civil servants - not employees. It is a huge fundemental difference like oil and water. Most of the staff at congress or the white house or the military are civil servants so this idea that they are furloghed government workers has to go, they are not entitiled to a role, they are contracted out roles which as shown are largely unnecessary, i.e. the coast guard has taken away a role better done by the US navy, or the state one level down the pyramid of power is already operating a similar function. What is thier real role, well it is to concentrate power and authroity under one federal body in Washington DC so as to run an empire planned just before US independence by the sons of Liberty, it is not to serve, it is to rule. And the US has always been a corporation beginning with the General Land Office which took over roles done by the department of the treasury. This concentration of power was what sparked off the US civil war.



  1. Well put.

    But the "deep state" is very tough to cut. Those in power, with power, like to keep the power that they have. Part of that power is defined by the 'empire' that you manage.