Friday, January 18, 2019

Ethnic differences in babies

 Race and Sex Differences in Head Size and IQ (Jensen and Johnson 1994) Table 5

Via comment by Reborn  on The White Man’s Burden: Reflections on the Custodi... "Great article by Fred. The truth has already been proven over and over - I've read the research but they just don't want you to know it; we're all equal, don't you know. The following info written in 1979 by Daniel Freedman will have to brought up by *PDF  as it will not open by a regular search though it is there to open. Amazing what they are capable of making what ever they want just go away. They've taken control of the search results"

This is a rare article from e January 1979 issue of Human Nature magazine. It is written by Daniel G. Freedman, Ph.D. who did groundbreaking research into the genetic component of behavior. Research that, today, is met with extreme hostility by Marxist academics on college campuses. In fact, Freedman stated in 1979 that talking about ethnic differences is “politically and socially unpopular.”

During the 1970s, Freedman studied behavior traits in newborns to look for evidence that behavior is influenced by genes. He even spent time at the Australian National University where he studied Australian Aborigine newborns. Freedman is the author of the books Human Infancy: An Evolutionary Perspective, Human Sociobiology and co-author of Human Status Hierarchies. is excited to present this seven-page article that will empower you. The next time someone mindlessly repeats cultural Marxist slogans about how race is a social construct, you will devastate them in a debate.

 *PDF above bad but links belw are good as of this iunstance :)


  1. I have worked all over the world for over 37 years. If the IQ thesis stated above is in error I would assume that I would see vast differences in how blacks progressed in different regions of the world, under different cultures and political systems. Sad to say the same characteristics I witnessed in the USA were exhibited in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa,as well as South America. Thrift, discipline, industry, self restraint, a future view, self control, were never traits I saw and consequently where ever I went blacks were at the bottom of the educational, cultural, and economic ladder. Now how is that possible. I saw other groups and I saw the same traits. I saw Chinese, Lebanese, Greeks, etc all over the world and they occupied either the top or near the top positions in each society outside of their native lands. Connect the dots.

    1. Pampatike Farm

      The quote took place as Lee was leaving his first cousin's farm, Pampatike, Manquin, Virginia after a visit. He was responding to a question as to whether he should use whites or blacks as laborers. The farm has been in the Townsend family for over 100 years, and is currently owned by my Cousin Frankie.(RIP) BT)

      "I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving."
      to fellow Virginian Col. Thomas H. Carter, June, 1865