Monday, February 25, 2019

Comment on Public Schools Are Little More Than Promoters Of The Leftist Agenda (So what else is new?)

"Ya, I know but my school is different." 

Have you actually spent any time at their school to see what's going on?

"I would like to but I'm really busy working."

Have you read any of their school books?

"No, but I am sure thy are ok or my kids would tell me."

Are you aware of Channel One News and what you kids see on it every day?

"No, but if it was bad my kids would let me know."

So you haven't been to the school, you haven't read their books, and you have no idea what Channel One News is showing them?

"Look, my kids are good kids, and their school is OK so let's just move onto something else, OK?"

Nero fiddled.

Y'all have a nice day..

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