Wednesday, February 20, 2019

T Warren, RIP My Friend (Author of The Seven Blackbirds)

It's Been A Long Hard Road 2010 Tour, Cape Carteret, NC

(My great grandfather and great uncles. BT) 

T had a difficult time writing it for about a year, then was in a graveyard one day and immediately sat down and penned it all.

Seven Blackbirds from Border Ruffians Southron Steel CD 

Seven Blackbirds sittin' on a fence 
Took up arms for their loved one's defense 
Seven brothers all left home 
Throughout the war their valor shown. 

To their grandfather, mother and sisters 
Letters to home were written 
Those letters survive and it's a fittin' 
So does the photo of them on the fence sittin'. 

The Pippen boys, no different than others 
'Jined the fight, they went as brothers 
Their mother knew they would not all return 
Deep in her heart that sorrow did burn. 

One fell early, another soon followed 
The places they fell became hallowed 
Four brothers remained, they fought on 
In a few short months another was gone. 

The Blackbirds fought 'till the fightin' ended 
Barefoot and worn they walked home defenseless 
They found their mother and sister waitin' there 
Sorrow and sadness filled the Carolina air. 

In Tarboro County the family lives on 
In the same home place where The Blackbirds begun 
The Pippen family shows no sign of end 
And I for one am most proud to call 'em friends. 

Seven Blackbirds Copyright T Warren BMI, Red Dirt and Redskin Music, 2005. 
Written on family information provided by Brock Townsend, Tarboro NC. 


  1. Sorry for your loss Brock. He's not gone, he is up ahead scouting another trail. A big ole grin, and free from all his pains.

    1. He'll be grinning with a fifth in his hand every day. :)

  2. Brock, this is just an amazing tribute to my love. I still find myself wanting to tell him something, or ask him something, only to realize he's not here anymore. He will be so very missed by many people, as he had a way about him that drew good people to him like a moth to a porch light on a hot summer night. Thank most sincerely for posting this beautiful tribute.

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    1. Thank you and did you see your handwritten note to me?

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    1. Click on 'It's Been A Long Hard Road 2010 Tour, Cape Carteret, NC' and then on 'Pictures here'. Maybe your Mother missed it also.

  5. Found it. I'm still here in fayetteville if you come around this way.

    1. Thank you and I'll be back at Dixieland in May. I live in my g,g,g grandfather's place and I imagine you would appreciate it if you would like to visit sometime. I posted another one on your father recently so check it out if you haven't yet. Thanks. :)