Monday, March 25, 2019

Jussie Smollett, Kaepernick Names Come Up As Avenatti Disaster Continues To Spread

Avenatti, Smollett, Kaepernick, Geragos

Liberals and the anti-Trump crowd in general are having an extremely bad day.

First, the much-anticipated report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally dropped, but it is about the exact opposite of what Democrats hoped for. While many on the left pinned their hopes of impeaching President Trump on that report, it turns out that there was no collusion between the president and Russia.

That put liberals into a foul mood on Monday, but their headaches were just starting. Now anti-Trump attack dog Michael Avenatti has been arrested on serious charges of fraud and extortion — and even more liberal names are being linked to his downfall.

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  1. Smollett conviction, what a joke. FBI, another joke. Whites are
    being attacked relentlessly and the 'degenerate savage' is being

  2. And another cockroach set free to kill again and again and.....
    Where's the Rivers of Blood Enoch Powell spoke eloquently about:

    1. Thanks and infuriating.