Thursday, April 25, 2019

Charlottesville: The Last Stand of American Freedom

Via Martin

The extreme left and politicized elements of the government are using Charlottesville to crush your rights and solidify their power

A remarkable thing is happening in Charlottesville. Although the Unite the Right rally happened over a year and a half ago, Charlottesville is where the organized, militant left and its establishment backers intend to crush popular resistance to their near total control of American political discourse. If they succeed, public free speech--speech that challenges prevailing attitudes at any rate--will be nearly impossible. The American citizen will have been reduced to the status of a serf. Fight now, or that will be your destiny.

John: This was a set up from the word go. The attendees were told it was a Confederate Heritage March, but it was an ambush set by Charlottesville civil authorities to direct people into a melee by Antifa scum to kill and wound us while local PD prevents any aid to us or response by us. The media was there to propagandize like they did in DC with Covington Catholic. Future historians will look at Charlottesville as the Harpers Ferry of the 2nd Civil War


  1. We all knew it was an inside job. What isn't when the scene and message is traditional. The communist scum has gotten a foot-hold.
    A traditional fair with a Southern name is now under attack. I
    did the survey and stated the name Dixie Classic Fair should
    stay unchanged:
    The ones who do not like the name,just don't go. Nobody would miss your violent arses anyways. Many have said if
    the name is changed they will never go to the fair again.

    1. Thank and hope none go. The final result is 82 to 11 for not changing which of course will be ignored. :(

    2. Of course. It would not meet their agenda, you know -
      crush, kill, and destroy. In Marshall, North Carolina,
      a concrete plant wants to be built there; the people,
      almost 100%, stated they did not want the plant in their
      area. The Stalinists said it was not up to the people.
      What ever happened to 'power to the people'. There is
      'power to the people' if they will would stand their ground.

    3. Grrrrr.... I looked it up and seems like a pleasant town. Didn't find out why it was named, but Marshall, VA, where I grew up from 5 on was named after John Marshall who lived outside the town though it was named Salem during the War and was part of Mosby Country.You'll enjoy this :)
      Have many items about Mosby on NamSouth.

    4. Marshall, Virginia appears to be a nice town. Marshall,
      North Carolina is small, quiet and traditional.
      There use to be a huge Confederate flag smack dab in the
      middle of the French Broad River on the way to Marshall
      from Alexander, North Carolina. Been there for yrs. (30)
      Based on the quality of people who have invaded, who knows.
      Thank you for the quality reading material. Hope Mosby
      is safe.

    5. Wish it was still there.
      Here is his tombstone in Warrenton, VA with my third and fourth daughters.

      & the monument.

      I've got some funny stuff related which I'll post sometime. Thanks.

  2. Mosby is probably safe as he worked with Grant after the unCivil
    War. Dang.

  3. According to Wikipedia: In his autobiography Grant stated, "Since the close of the war, I have come to know Colonel Mosby personally and somewhat intimately. He is a different man entirely from what I supposed. ... He is able and thoroughly honest and truthful."[52]

    Soon, Mosby had become one of Grant's favorites and was bringing federal patronage jobs to local Virginians, although initially he did not hold any federal job. He tried to make a rapprochement between President Grant and Virginia Governor James L. Kemper, a Confederate Major General and Conservative elected the following year and whom Mosby also supported. However, that failed. His Republican political activity diminished Mosby's popularity in Warrenton; many considered him a turncoat. Many Southerners still considered Grant "the enemy". Mosby received death threats, his boyhood home was burned down, and at least one attempt was made to assassinate him. Later reflecting on the animosity shown to him by his fellow Virginians, Mosby stated in a May 1907 letter that "There was more vindictiveness shown to me by the Virginia people for my voting for Grant than the North showed to me for fighting four years against him."[53]
    I guess Mosby's home in DC still stands, between two sky scrapers.
    Of course, this is Wikipedia so who knows.
    The pic of your two daughters between Mosby's monument is a
    delight. Reminds me of Gen. Patton and his daughter holding
    a Confederate flag.

    1. "There was more vindictiveness shown to me by the Virginia people for my voting for Grant than the North showed to me for fighting four years against him."[53]

      Yankee General Thomas was a Virginian and the day he sided with the north, his two sisters turned the front of his portrait to face the wall and never mentioned his name again.