Thursday, April 25, 2019

Joe McCarthy wasn’t Wrong, Just Early


In my column last week, I made the comment, “Joe McCarthy wasn’t wrong, he was just early.” I was being flippant. I was trying to make light of the Democrat Party’s turn towards radical, extreme, Marxist, anti-American rhetoric.

I had no idea how right I really was.

I’m not being flippant anymore. Joe McCarthy would have a field day with today’s Democrat Party. He’d be a hero for defending America from evil, radical Marxist politicians posing as “Democrats.” We’d be giving him ticker tape parades.

McCarthy’s Senate committee was called “The House Un-American Activities Committee.” Let me ask you bluntly: How much more un-American can you get than the ideas espoused just in the past few days by Democrats?

First, I’ll start with the usual suspect- Ilhan Omar.

More @ Wayne Root


  1. Maddening.
    The arrogance of the anti-Americans is on par with their willful ignorance.

  2. Wayne Allyn Root is GREAT. The first book that I read by him was "The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide, How to survive, Thrive, and Prosper during OBAMAGEDDON." An Excellent Read, by the way, STILL!

    I found this today @ 90 Miles from Tyranny:

    this is the FIRST TIME that I have heard a peep out of the FISA Court since this whole damn thing got started. INTERESTING, how this Egg is Finally starting to breakup, eh?

  3. In reality he wasn't even 'early' - the commies already had sufficiently infiltrated too many aspects of the government and the media (aka the dems propaganda arm) that they sufficiently pooh poohed the very notion that they had done so that they made him out to be a laughing stock. Look where that unawareness has gotten us.

    1. Look where that unawareness has gotten us.

      We are good at that. :(

  4. As already pointed out.....McCarthy wasn't 'early'. The marxists have been hard at work infiltrating every corner they can for at LEAST a century. Much of Woodrow Wilsons policies were blatantly communistic.

  5. Haha. The author acts like he just discovered something new. Ann Coulter wrote a book about this ten years ago. McCarthy wasn't early. He was factually correct when he wrote it. The state dept was overrun by communists. 20 years later, the media, Hollywood and academia were willingly supporting communism against us forces in Vietnam. It wasnt a coincidence. Everyone had already known that the Democrat party has been taken over since the Clinton administration. This isn't even a secret. The sad fact is, half of American voters are ok with it. They associate communism with fairness and free stuff paid for by rich people and evil corporations. They dont know that communism killed 100 million people in the 20th century.