Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I Believe In God, Justice And My Mission Against Communism (RIP)

Re-post 2008 & 2011

Lê Văn Tống (September 1, 1945 – April 5, 2019), known as Lý Tốngwas aL Vietnamese American anti-communist activist.[1]

In 1965 at the age of 17, he served in the South's Republic of Vietnam Air Force. He was assigned to South Vietnam's "Black Eagle" Fighter Squadron.[2]

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                                 In jail in Vietnam above


The Last Action Hero 

(The link is now bad and a shame as it was excellent)

"Harrowing escapes! Crazed parachute jumps! Marathon swims! The wild misadventures of Ly Tong, bright hope and legendary hero......"

"......In 1980......(he)...... escape(d) from the re-education camp in (North) Vietnam and a journey through five countries, verified at the time by American diplomats, that was a virtuoso display of guts and ingenuity.

On his 17-month trek, he made his way by foot, by bicycle, by train and bus through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia, breaking out of jails, threading his way through minefields, dodging security patrols and crawling through the jungle to avoid border posts. On his final leg, he swam across the Johore Strait from Malaysia to Singapore, where he hailed a taxi and presented himself at the U.S. Embassy."


"If they think your family fought for the South, that's it." 


I Believe In God, Justice And My Mission Against Communism


  1. Have you ever read the book THE LONG WALK by Slawomir Rawicz. Story of a Polish army officer in WWI who was tried and sentenced to the Soviet gulags. He and a group escaped and walked to freedom, covering a huge expanse of wild country. A good read in my opinion.

    1. Thanks and no I haven't. Reading up on this, it's remarkable and especially so because of the weather conditions of the path. Seems a must read.