Friday, April 5, 2019

JPFO Condemns Jewish Calls to Disarm

“Of all people, Jews should know better.” –JPFO Position

• To every Jewish pundit seeking more gun law after unarmed New Zealanders murdered
• To every Jewish Congressperson who voted for H.R.8 and H.R.1112
• To every Jewish denomination that proposes “gun-control” by government agents

After outrageous mass murders in New Zealand—and deadly acts of similar sociopaths in recent memory—too many Jews around the world, among other thought leaders, are again screaming bloody murder to disarm innocent people who didn’t do anything. JPFO condemns these dangerous illogical demands in the strongest terms possible. Facing these threats, you should call for the exact opposite, as Brazil is doing (WSJ, 3/16, A10)

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  1. They say, "Never again!" re: the Holocaust, but support the very National Socialist citizen disarmament that made it possible. The foolish excuse is, "it could never happen here." Well, human nature doesn't change and history demonstrates conclusively that those who want you disarmed, want you dead. --Ron W

    1. @Anonymous: I keep saying precisely what you are saying!

    2. NITZAKHON, yes, it needs to be rehearsed many times over that perchance it will break through on the minds of most people. But unfortunately, our own homegrown National Socialists and Soviet Socialists still have plenty of "useful idiots", as Lenin called his followers, who have been successfully "re-educated" to help facilitate their same old plans for slavery and death. --Ron W