Friday, April 5, 2019

Nightmare: Russian Man Flees Feminazi Sweden With His Children To Poland After Girls Seized And Placed With Islamic Family

Via Martin Svetislav

A desperate Russian father has abducted his three female children from foster care in Sweden after his girls were seized and placed with an Islamic family. At this time the family is reunited in Poland under a temporary court order until the case can be decided. The family had moved to Sweden so the man could obtain work.

Sweden is famously feminist and the man’s crime seems to have been having a wife that was declared mentally ill and committed. The man still had parental rights but could only see his children for six hours a week. It seems he took the only measure a desperate father could take in abducting his girls and fleeing to a Christian country that would support family values.

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  1. Just this past Sunday evening, I watched some of "Madam Secretary" to see what leftist-globalist indoctrination they were pushing. Sure enough, the episode vilified Poland and Eastern Europe for "extremist xenophobia" for refusing to take in 100,000 Middle Eastern (Muslim) "refugees". The leader or Sec of State counterpart of Poland was being threatened with U.S. political retribution for refusing to allow a mass influx of "climate change migrants". --Ron W

    1. All of them should be put out of their misery.

  2. Sweden a land where men are women and women are trolls.