Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Daddy's Prize Belgian Stud "Trigger"

Bleak House consisted of 1,200 acres and Mr. Jenkins, Daddy's foreman above, lived in the  antebellum house which has a story of a 'visit'  by the Yankee's .  I went with Daddy when he delivered Mrs. Jenkins last baby.
Green Acres comprised 800 acres. I caught a Catfish with a lure! in the pond above but lost him even though I grabbed him briefly. I worked on the farms during the summer.
Marshall, Virginia February 12, 1979. The well was not used except for the time my Mother threw my $5 pistol down it when I was very young. :)


  1. Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...
    but luck was not on our side.
    Why did your mother toss the $5 dollar pistol?

    1. I believe I might have been 5 at the time and had bought it off one of the farms laborers.

    2. Oh, it was a real gun. Thought it was a toy gun. I see
      her point.

    3. To hit what you were aiming for, you had to aim left and down! :) Every year I asked Santa for a Roy Roger's double gun and holster set. :)

    4. Sad, damned sad when a kid can't get a Roy Roger's double
      gun and holster set for Christmas. Hopefully, you eventually
      got the gun set at a Christmas to have come.

    5. Got one every year! I must have been good.....:)