Saturday, June 8, 2019

Netflix Promotes Pedophilia With Drag Queen Indoctrination Series

Via Martin Svetislav

 Netflix Promotes Pedophilia With Drag Queen Indoctrination Series
As competitors to Netflix continue to appear over the horizon, Netflix made its market position clear in a company-wide letter. 
As CNBC reported, “It’s newer forms of entertainment — such as Fortnite and Google’s YouTube — that got shout-outs in the company’s letter as stronger competitors.”

But if there is a shred of morality and providence left in America, Netflix may not even be able to see the true threat to their success is themselves.

Netflix has already been scrutinized for allowing child pornography on their service.

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  1. I believe Ovomit has a stake in Netfix if I remember correctly. Go figure, huh.

  2. America's moral cancer has reached stage 4! :(

  3. I canceled my Netflix the day they locked their lips on Obama's dick.