Saturday, June 8, 2019

Shadow Government and Deep State

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Only recently I heard a talk by a man who was a CIA whistle blower. He made some interesting statements that clarified the differences between the Deep State and the Shadow Government.

He noted that the Shadow Government is comprised of your “security” agencies, the CIA, NSA, and FBI. Uudoubtedly there are more than this but he wasn’t anymore specific than this.

He then noted that the Deep State is what we call the Military Industrial Complex, lobbyists, etc. He stated that part of the MO of the CIA is to “Admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations, and accuse your adversaries of what you, yourself, are doing.” This is the classic definition of cultural Marxism. What does that say for the CIA?


  1. You will always have a shadow government when you eliminate merit exams to enter the government. The PACE exams were eliminated in the mid 80s to allow the entry of affirmative action and SJW into the government. We have seen the rapid politicization of the government since then.

    There are several solutions:

    -Institute merit testing for entry into the government

    -Revise the promotion and posting systems that exist within the government to allow more transparency and objectivity. Eliminate the role of rabis.

    -Institute an independent and professional IG corps. Make sure that all IG investigations include staff members from different agencies. Make sure the IG is responsible to one entity other than the various Federal agencies.

    -Make violations of federal laws, or behavior the same as military officers-conduct unbecoming should be grounds for dismissal.

    1. Absolutely agree. I had to take the FSEE to get into the Civil Service in 1969 and now you take nothing.