Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Facebook: More Government Censorship

Via Cousin John


It is often argued that Facebook is a private enterprise and therefore free to censor whatever it wishes.

However, Facebook and the other internet giants, such as Google, YouTube (a subsidiary of Google), and Twitter, have come to control the flow of information on the internet, to such a degree – as virtual monopolies -- that they have become the 'public square' of our times. That outcome makes them far more than merely private enterprises and endows them with a special responsibility: Those who cannot publish on Facebook or Twitter, effectively no longer have full freedom of speech.


  1. How do you lynch a corporation for sedition? Fictions don't have rights.

    1984ed: Death of elite's Goldstein(burg?)/Rothchild daughter, among many other 'power player' children.
    Witnessed an article posted, that 'slid' away during the night. Message boards being flooded by post glowing w/ absurdity, many repeated narratives that get high traffic responses.
    Maxwell's father 'super spy', she was the handler of an extortion asset. Rumor of leaked video of a nude age/BF being scared w/ a magnifying glass. Some connections are leading to Harvard's social'science' dept.
    We have had federal regulations for experimenting on animals since 66', yet nothing on the books to protect humans (that I'm aware of).

    1. yet nothing on the books to protect humans (that I'm aware of).

      Thanks. https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2019/07/joe-lonsdale-google-is-not-patriotic.html