Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Gun and Ammo laws for all 50 states & More



  1. This is a good resource. I did peruse it to look at several states. I'll be moving out of socialist CA soon so a resource like this is helpful. Yet it does not go into the depth I desire. For that matter, perhaps the only thing which would is to read the laws of the various states. That would involve a lot of time. Plus it may not tell me as much as what the residents themselves have to say. One reason for that is the law as written does not tell of how it is enforced.

    Or, I could ask persons who have a long attachment to those states. Brock, that's where you come in. Yes, NC has always been right at the top of which state I would consider. If you would trouble yourself to write of the state and local laws I would be much obliged. Thank you.


    1. Thanks and I'll get back to you on this. You are welcome to come for a visit if it gets to that point.