Sunday, July 14, 2019

NYT: Feds Must Force Middle-Class Americans To Sacrifice Suburbs for Immigrant Housing

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The New York Times has officially gone off the deep-end. And these days, that’s saying something.
On Sunday, the 167-year-old organization announced through its editorial board that it supports the federal government sacrificing the value of millions of suburban houses by injecting poor immigrants into middle-class neighborhoods.

Instead of wanting the government to find an immigration solution that doesn’t put the property of American citizens in jeopardy, The Times said that everyone should stoop to the lowest common denominator.

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  1. IMHO, they should pony up, and go first. For that matter make them give up their parent's homes too. We can use their Progressive Sacrifice as an experimental site to evaluate the effectiveness of their ideas, My bet is that they won't be willing to make such a bold statement the next time. Let's put it to the test. Let them put their money, where their mouth is. BOOM! Done, Game Over, Fatal ERROR!

  2. I know exactly where they can stick them; the deeper the better.
    Heck, I was for and still am for, one illegal alien, one bullet.

  3. I've seen a quote, which is "socialism is not for the socialist". These ruling elitists always want to impose on us or take from us while EXEMPTING THEMSELVES. NO! As G.W. Long wrote, let them "go first" and LEAD BY EXAMPLE! --Ron W

    1. let them "go first" and LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

      :) Fat chance.

  4. If memory serves just a couple hours from NY there are hundred of homes with 8-25 bedrooms in the Hamptons. Lots of room there for the poor refugee dreamers. I say start there.


  5. This happens and I bet ya see a lot of once nice houses go up in flames during the night occupied or not...

  6. So basically they simply want to add to all the other programs that already move the ghetto to the suburbs?

    You know, like Section 8 housing for illegals.

    So tell me, who's the slave now?

    Doth the frog not feel the hot water?

    Y'all have a nice day.