Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"The Battle Lines are Drawn"

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The battle lines are drawn. The leftists, controlled by the elite, are going to increasingly try to de-legitimize the flag, American history, and the constitution. This is like other communist take-overs where a country's history is purged and rewritten. Everything American is labeled racist. The elite are using celebrities to push this leftist agenda on the nation's youth. The hope is that more and more people will embrace anti-Americanism leading to the eventual sudden transformation of America into an unrecognizable beast. If the anti-American movement reaches a critical point, it will be the platform and position of nearly all politicians who will have international backing in addition to domestic support. Big money will be poured into this movement.

Right now Trump and his supporters stand in the way, but the Trump movement is useful as a means of galvanizing the anti-American opposition who may strengthen to the point that they can take over when the Trump forces wane. Even assuming Trump has resounding victory all through a second term, there is no guarantee Trump forces will maintain continuity after his departure. The anti-American movement will be waiting. Remember, this anti-American movement is not a natural phenomenon, but an orchestrated one.

It's imperative to disgrace those celebs who disgrace America while reiterating the freedom and opportunity America uniquely provides to all its citizens regardless of race, creed, or gender. Leftists hate America and its prosperity, yet they drive cars, have iPhones, and spend money at the bar.

I would not be surprised if the Betsy Ross shoes were deliberately rolled out so Kaepernick could have an opportunity to publicly quash them and elevate the anti-American movement bringing it into the public dialogue where it is legitimized. Watch for the media to increasingly give air time to anti-American celebs and open loaded public debates where they knock down straw men.

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