Thursday, August 1, 2019

Concealed-carry gun permits in NC have tripled since 2010: I have no idea why....:)

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For the first 42 years of his life, David Yamane never touched a gun. But the Wake Forest University professor is now among North Carolina’s concealed-carry permit holders, whose numbers have more than tripled since he first nervously pulled a trigger in 2010.

State Bureau of Investigations data show that the number of permits rose from 177,787 in 2010 to 647,553 this Jan. 1.

Yamane doesn’t just shoot guns — he studies them, too. As a sociology professor at Wake Forest, he researches gun culture and policy in today’s America.


  1. Fact: Victims of armed felons who shoot back live longer than those who don't.

  2. Fact: Armed felons prefer disarmed victims; courtesy of their accomplice politicians.
    --Ron W