Friday, August 2, 2019

‘He Was Delicious.’ Ted Cruz Responds After Being Accused of Eating Someone’s Son

Via Billy

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Speaking to the 41st annual National Conservative Student Conference held by Young America’s Foundation, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made a special request of Republicans.

“Have fun,” Cruz said, “look, frankly, too many Republicans, too many conservatives, they act like they’ve got a stick inserted somewhere it don’t belong. Like just lighten up and laugh, would it kill you to have some fun?”

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  1. Well, methinks that could work . In today's hyper sensitivity zones, it could definitely be fun. Especially if you can afford the Private Security Detail around a U.S. Senator. I can only imagine the level of poop flung at these Patriotic Men and Women. Hopefully, some of them are taking President Trumps illustrious examples of reverse GOTCHA to heart. Ronald Maximus Reagan had a sharp wit about him too.