Friday, August 2, 2019

Is it Time for America to Break Apart?

The time has come; the moment has arrived for us to discuss not only what is wrong with the country, but how we actually might resolve the issues that confront us. And just perhaps the answer is not a new and necessarily-controlled or imposed faux-nationalism, but some sort of national separation, hopefully peaceful, that might be the least disagreeable course. The other options, all of them, bring violence, civil war, and probably dictatorship. And that is something we must hope to avoid.

There is a question that increasingly arises, uncomfortably, in our conversations…from brief exchanges at work at the water cooler, at home with family, after church on Sunday, with our email messages to friends and associates. To watch any amount of television news these days, to switch back and forth between, say, CNN and Fox, and to listen to their interpretations of any event or issue, no matter what, that same question clambers in the background like an unchained wild beast:

What has happened—what is happening—to the geographical entity we call the United States, to its people, to its culture? Does it not seem like the country is coming apart at the seams, in just about everything, from its once-established moral base in a more or less historic Christian framework to its very vision of reality, of what is real and what is not?


  1. I enjoy the articles from this particular site, as it has opened my eyes to a great deal of history that I, heretofore, have only rarely heard of. However, as good and succinct as this article is, I fear the author is forgetting one very important aspect of the personalities of those who are waging war against us and it is that aspect which will unfortunately lead us to option # 3 on his list - and that is the overwhelming desire to - excuse the language - rub ones foes vanquished noses in the proverbial shit. Yes ladies and gentleman, one of the biggest motivating factors - at least from those on the left that I've encountered - is to gloat with absolute and unrepentant glee when the people of traditional America have suffered a defeat. Unfortunately, this is part of human nature and as our enemies have shown complete disregard with their ability to exercise any modicum of self control, we can expect this to be one of their guiding principles from now until they achieve a final victory, or we do. Keep preparing

    1. is to gloat with absolute and unrepentant glee when the people of traditional America have suffered a defeat

      "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men..."

  2. Breaking apart is not possible because the divisions in America are ideological, not geographical. At most, it is the cities against rural areas. What sort of separation could you possibly have? Further, as we have seen over and over, the new "country" would soon be over run by people from the other side, then voting to make it just like what they left.

    The best solution is to keep what we have and work to improve it. When it's gone, it isn't coming back.

    1. When it's gone, it isn't coming back.

      I'm afraid so.