Sunday, August 4, 2019

Trump pardons Oregon ranchers who sparked 2016 militia standoff

 Via Kirk

 Dwight Hammond, 76, and his son Steven, 49

 Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

President Donald Trump has pardoned two Oregon cattle ranchers whose sentence for arson led armed militiamen to seize control of a wildlife refuge in 2016.

Dwight Hammond, 76, and his son Steven Hammond, 49, were convicted in 2012 after a prescribed burn on their land spread to nearby public lands in 2001.

The pair served time in jail, but a judge later ruled that they must serve their full five-year sentence.
The ruling sparked anti-government protests that left one rancher dead.

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  1. If you ever had any concerns about where Donald Trump's heart is, this should tell you.
    I see you had to go to the BBC for the story though. The MSM in this country should be lined up against a wall.
    This is excellent new Brock, thanks for finding and posting this.

  2. This was Proof Positive of just how CRAZY AZZ White Folks can go OFF THE RAILS by the MSM. Now, Nothing but Crickets. These were the GOOD GUYS for crying out loud. What ever happened to Levoy's murderers? MORE CRICKETS, Nothing to see here folks, it doesn't fit our preplanned narratives. Move along.

    Meanwhile Life goes on, the MSM, and their Progressive Partners in Treason, have other duties to further their heinous plans for tearing down America. TWO SHOOTIG INCIDENTS IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS...JACKPOT!! Check out how the El Paso Shooter's profile is edited to fit their narrative. Does this guy look African-American to anybody else? Christian, but Atheist, a registered DemonRAT, but a Republican, Q-Anon tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist... Damn he probably has a frigging paper route and is an Eagle Scout. RIIIGHT. ANTIFA? What? Never heard of them. Coming to El Paso on September 1st for TEN DAYS OF FUN IN THE SUN? No Way Jose! Organized Chaos, are you CRAZY?

    Thanks Brock, for all 'This and That' you do.

    1. Thanks, just posted this and then saw yours. :) Brilliant minds......