Monday, September 23, 2019

Guelzo Uncovered

 But, but he's got all those books in his library......
I recently read a report of a professor who declared that he had come sadly to the conclusion that the Founding Fathers had been all wrong in the government they created.  I don’t remember the name or place of this professor.  Whether he had ever contributed anything to scholarly knowledge was not stated, but is doubtful.  He probably suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome.  His credentials for this judgment on our American forebears are that he has “taught American government for 40 years.”  

We are so accustomed now to the media promoting the supposed “expert” opinions of supposed “experts,” especially in regard to history, that we pass over these things without noticing how ridiculous they are.  The Founders had experience of large agricultural and mercantile enterprises, of state and continental government, of war, and in some cases of diplomacy, not to mention genuine learning that is seldom found today, especially among professors.   Who is this person that anyone should notice his opinion much less consider it newsworthy?

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