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P-40 Warhawk Pilot Major William David Gatling from Tarboro, NC

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Curtiss P-40 Warhawk pilot Major William David Gatling sank the Leone Pancaldo, an enemy destroyer, during WWII (MTO)(1943). In January of 2015, The Institute of Military Technology had Major Gatling share his experiences flying the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk with the 324th Fighter Group- 315th Fighter Squadron & 316th F.S. in WWII. United States of American Army Air Corp 1943. 4K


(John Gatling, below, married my great aunt and practiced law with my great, great grandfather Bart Moore whose words and portrait are above. I have a large picture of him and his family in the upstairs hallway at Dixieland. BT)

John Gatling, Esq., appeared, was sworn and testified.

July 26, 1871

“I was a member of the Legislature of 1868-69.

Q. Do you not know that Littlefield was very active in procuring the passage of bills making appropriations to the various railroads during the sessions of 1868-69?

A. I knew that he had a bad reputation. I have seen him in the lobby [of the Legislature] very often, and in close conversation with the members. I think he was very active in procuring the passage of those bills. I know that liquors and cigars were kept in one of the rooms of the Capitol, and was said to belong to General Littlefield.”

John Gatling, Sworn to and subscribed before the Commission (Report of 1871-72 Fraud Commission, page 502-504)


North Carolina During Reconstruction, R. L. Zuber, NC Dept. of Archives & History, 1969
Report of the Commission to Investigate Charges of Fraud and Corruption, Under Act of Assembly, Session 1871-1872, James H. Moore, State Printer and Binder, 1872
Prince of Carpetbaggers, Milton S. Littlefield, Jonathan Daniels, J.B. Lippincott, 1958


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