Thursday, October 3, 2019

This 'n That

Baby's First 'steps'


Carolina Dogs suck in their stomachs when eating as this allows them to eat as fast as possible. An adaption to benefit them before bigger animals come to take their kill. He's two generations from the wild as his grandfather, Jesse below, was wild caught and none of the puppy's wild traits have disappeared.  It take 2 to 3 months to bond with these dogs. 

Pickings from this year's garden.
This year's Peacock feathers.

Sally gave the 'feet' to me one Christmas as the legs had no feet. :)

Cousin John with his Catfish dinner.

It was excellent.

Newly discover shot from this year's Pippen Reunion. Cousin Colby taking the picture.  Amazing at 82.

Via Cousin John

"The Tragedy at Cold Harbor" - May-June 1864


  1. I wish I was cousin John, they don't make a good Southern Catfish dinner here in the wilds of eastern South Dakota... I laughed at Baby trying the steps, I had an Aussie Shepard that did not like steps at first and would hesitate like that. Boy there is just nothing like a good old Southern Family reunion.

    1. a good old Southern Family reunion.

      First weekend in June. Come on down! :)

  2. I was wondering how Foxhole was doing. Looks as though he is
    adapting well as he already looks right at home.

    1. This bonding deal is really interesting. When I go out, he will approach me off to one side and then follow me as I continue forward, but if I turn towards him he will scatter. :) When walking him, he will snap at my pants and likes to do the same at a towel I carry and flip at him. Three weeks with many more to go. He evidently has figured out that the metal stake that keeps him from getting loose, but allows him much room for running around, is the culprit, and tried to dig the concrete up that is holding it.:)

  3. Freedom of his chains. Looks like he has critical thinking
    skills. Are you pleased with him so far?

    1. Yes, just didn't realize how long it would take, but for basically having all the traits of a wild dog, I understand.:) Thanks.