Friday, November 22, 2019

What Religious Statistics Can Tell Us About The War Between the States

We all have some knowledge of the app 600K slaves brought from Africa (sold by African kingdoms) to the colonies and the young nation (about 5% of the total brought to the Americas) but only about 150K of 450K Europeans who came here came willingly during the colonial period per ship logs were free, the rest were indentured servants who sold their freedom willingly, generally based on false promises, who were called “free willers”. The Africans who were brought here before around 1660 or 70 were actually indentured servants also and not permanent slaves. 

The role of religion, specifically evangelical protestant religion in the North, is frequently emphasized by gatekeeper historians in framing the causes and consequences of the War Between the States. This stands today as a sort of creation myth for the recreated Nation. Because survey data on individual religious affiliation and participation is not available for this time period, antidotal evidence from prominent religious figures from New England is cited but how representative were these activists and commentators?

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