Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Comment on Danish Academic: U.N. Might Use Military to Enforce Climate Agenda

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Danish Academic: U.N. Might Use Military to Enforce Climate Agenda

Blue helmets make great targets. All kidding aside. There is no country in the world, stupid enough to try and invade the United States. Just a few days ago, Black Friday, the FBI did over 200,000 background checks for gun purchases. And just a rough estimate, of one 50 round box of ammo for each. We also bought another 10,000,000 rounds of ammo.

Yes, our military is as badass as they come. But they would lose a war here in America. Sure they have nukes, but the patriot fighter is not living in New York or Los Angles. Nuking a corn field in Iowa or a wheat field in Nebraska won’t do much. The best fighter planes on the planet are worthless, Ned down the road doesn’t have an air force. It would come down to man against man. They do have an advantage with the armored vehicles, but they don’t have enough in the entire military to patrol all the back-roads of Kentucky, let alone the nation.

American citizens own enough guns to equip every military in the world several times. Why do you think democrats are working 24/7 to disarm us? They know to become the dictators they dream of being. We the citizen need to be defenseless.

No, the professor lives in a bubble echo chamber. Like all the left they only hear each other and believe they represent everyone. Since they never hear a dissenting view. Truly, the left are sheep, they love to follow. They think everyone else is also sheep. Again, because everyone they know and talk to are the same. They have no concept outside their circle, that there are people fiercely independent. They know of no wolves, their entire world is made of sheep. Like democrats and the media, they believe there opinion is the only one. Except for a tiny few, deplorables.

In the United States, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, we had about 701,000 full-time sworn officers in 2016. Adding in support people, “civilian” staff, nonsworn personnel who do not carry weapons or make arrests add another 1,050,000. Somewhere under two million total. The American military doesn’t fare much better with raw numbers. There are currently about 1,500,000 active duty troops. I can promise those actually trained in combat is a much smaller number. Here is kind of a breakdown of our troops from 2018.

Army Active Duty………….471,990
Army National Guard…….336,338
Navy Active Duty…………..325,395
Air Force Active Duty….....321,618
Army Reserve……………….288,725
Marine Corps Active Duty.185,415
Air National Guard………..107,469
Marine Corps Reserve…….102,492
Navy Reserve……………….…99,432
Air Force Reserve…………….97,097
Coast Guard Active Duty…..41,132
Coast Guard Reserve…………7,705

I think those numbers make is clear just how few of our military are ready for combat. And it is far less than the 1,500,000. Please, do not think I am disparaging our military support people. The cooks, drivers, mechanics, and others, they showed their abilities during every war. Fighting and dying as bravely as any front line troop. They just are not trained everyday for war.

Let’s not forget one other HUGE fact. How many of our police and military will fight Americans, as UN and with UN troops. Look across the country today, the number of Sheriffs that are stating, they will not enforce gun bans or confiscations. I have no idea, but I am willing to bet a small to medium number of police and military would desert, rather than fight fellow citizens.

Unless we allow ourselves to be disarmed, there is no force in the world that can stand against the United States Citizen.





  2. Think "Red Dawn" or the mythical quote from Admiral Yamamoto, "You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass." He may or may not have really said it, but the sentiment is more or less correct by my reckoning.........

    1. &/or he did write in his diary the sleeping giant one.

  3. And don't forget how many members of the military are our sons and daughters whose loyalty is to the USA and their family, not to the UN.

  4. I think the small to medium is a gross underestimate of the number of military that would refuse to fight with foreign troops against US citizens on US soil

    1. In this particular situation, I would think so too.

    2. US military opposing US citizens inside the US borders under the aegis of other than the commander in chief with declared martial law, would violate not only law but oath of office and be an act that is morally repugnant. one would be compelled to take appropriate action against any who did.

  5. I suspect that they would try to Dog Pile on us. I also suspect that there would be an awful lot of UN sympathizers in every neighborhood that would have to be dealt with as well. The major metropolis would go down real hard. Once captured they could starve out the populace and then offer food in exchange for their military service under the UN Flag. Methinks there would be a sizeable force readily assembled within a year. Feed them with propaganda and meager rations blaming all their ills upon the hicks out in flyover land. Then start playing connect the dots. It would be a terrible bloodbath on humankind, FAR BEYOND anything to date. Hmmm now where have I read about this type of thing happening to the world someday? That Day IMHO, is fast approaching.

  6. Also keep in mind that of our military their is a large portion that are in support roles. I was at Just Cause for Noriega, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom where I never chambered a round. For the first two I didn't even load a magazine into my weapon. I was a Digital Switching Tech and a Satcom Tech in the military - in the rear with the commo gear.

    But there are some bad asses in the "special" groups.

    1. Thanks and I have read some people mention that there were millions of German men not in the army and why weren't they used. Of course the answer is that it takes maybe 3? workers to supply the fighter.

    2. I pray but if their leaders order them to fight, I'm not sure the percentage who would/wouldn't. Thanks.

  7. "There is no country in the world, stupid enough to try and invade the United States."

    Except Mexico, China, Honduras, el Salvador, Guatemala, and more Islamic and African countries than I can count.


  8. The essential element far more important than large numbers is strategy & tactics. In fact, small groups are desirable to infiltrate and sabotage. Infiltration can lead to manipulation and confusion. Who do you trust? What comms are truly secure? Certainly these things change day by day and rapidly in a fluid environment.

    An even larger problem hovers over the country; while we're busy fighting domestically (with or without UN presences/influence) other countries see this as opportunity to enter the country, combined. The US populace is now so damn diverse that any of the traditional markers of your combatant are near worthless.

    Too, already observed many times is how UN troops enter a hot zone then disguise themselves by shedding their UN identifications (uniform, IDs, etc). Yet they still retain loyalty to the UN mission. They operate as sappers and the only telltale of their presence is the brutality in their wake.

    The war fought within the USA will be small scale battles fought by individual cells. Likely there will not be combined forces as we know them today. Yet the continued victories of multiple small cells will win the war. Think of it as a war with multiple fronts and new fronts emerging in short amounts of time. Sounds like VN, actually. One benefit will be we wont be tied by stupid ROE from assholes in D.C.



    1. Thanks.


      shedding their UN identifications (uniform, IDs, etc).

      Immediate execution upon capture.


      One benefit will be we wont be tied by stupid ROE from assholes in D.C.