Wednesday, December 4, 2019


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Researched, Compiled, Illustrated and Edited
by R. Merrill

Special "Thanks" to Dave "Doc" Snider for the excellent photographs of Dong-Den and for providing what may be the only existing photograph of an actual "Rock Ape."

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman has a very interesting post over on his Cryptomundo website. The post is about the "Rock Apes" of Vietnam. You can check out the post here.

Make sure and read all the comments at the bottom of the post as they are every bit as intriguing as the article.

That said, I had already heard of the so-called "Rock Apes" some years ago from a buddy of mine who served in country with 1st Marine Division, 1st Recon Battalion, Delta Company until he was wounded in action on June 21, 1969. While researching details of marine sevice during those years, I came across several references to the Rock Apes and their encounters with Marine detachments, some of which I am going to share here with the intention of adding more to the already existing anecdotal record of these unusual cryptids.


  1. I met a Vietnam Vet once and one the stories he told me about involved the rock apes. The jungle had just gotten sprayed with agent orange which caused the apes to go crazy. He said that the apes came down the mountain in waves and that they killed hundreds of them because they would not stop.