Friday, December 6, 2019

Science vs. the Church of Climate Change

 global warming

Suppose your second grade child came home from school and said, “Today we learned that 2 + 2 equals 10.”  You might think that maybe your child wasn’t paying close attention, so you gently correct the error and include a few examples of simple addition facts for security.

Now suppose your second grade child comes home from school day after day and you realize that much of what is being taught in science and math class is blatantly false.  Moreover, as a trained scientist, you have first-hand knowledge of the subject matter and can verify that what is being taught is just not true.  Many intelligent and educated parents are facing this dilemma on a regular basis and have no effective means to monitor or control the curriculum in their children’s school.

On a national level, suppose our government declared that the Earth was indeed flat and proposed a multi-trillion dollar project to build a seawall around the edges of the oceans to prevent water from escaping.  Crazy . . . right?

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