Friday, January 3, 2020

Confiscating Guns

Via Red Pill Jew


  1. But but but 'they' have a 'right' to be here and YOU do not have a right to own a gun in spite of what they pesky Second Amendment says. (do I really have to add the sarc tag?)

  2. Ya know, back in the Eisenhower administration, over a million illegals were deported, using the technology of the day. What seems to be the problem today? Communism is the problem.

  3. Why, yes! Yes it would. why don't we do that?

  4. Pres Trump should enlarge his 52 important Iranian sites and let the muslim world get the message clear and loud this time, Nuke Medina, Mecca and the other two muslim holy sites except Dome of the Rock (only cuz it is an Israel) and tell them we can keep lobbing nukes till you get the message and take back all that here.

    1. Why are you being so milk toast about it......? :)