Friday, January 3, 2020

Virginia governor’s call for 18-person gun ban force comes under fire

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18............? :) 

Virginia’s pop-up gun sanctuary movement has turned its attention to fighting the governor’s call for a $4.8 million, 18-officer team to enforce his proposed “assault weapons” ban.

Two key groups issued an alert this week to push gun owners to four budget hearings Thursday around the state, asking them to quiz state legislators if they will vote to ban or confiscate weapons.

“We understand that this is short notice. But it would have a significant impact if many of our members could show up and make a 3-minute statement and ask questions of the legislators in attendance,” said the Virginia Citizens Defense League.

“We see in the governor’s proposed budget that he wants $4 million and 18 new law-enforcement positions to enforce a ban on commonly-owned firearms,” said Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America senior vice president.


  1. pop quiz time!

    1) what government entity is the designated defender of the peoples rights as guaranteed by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION

    2) what was it that the great Virginian, President George Washington said was the citizens duty to perform when the government failed to protect the rights of the people(from whom all government power comes from)?

    3) what does the term "shall not be abridged" as pertains to the second amendment of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION mean in plain commonly used American English language which even a walmart shopper or havard grad would understand?

    1. which even a walmart shopper or havard grad would understand?

      :)About on the same level today.....

  2. I posted this at Irish's post about the same subject:

    I saw the 2020 budget for the 18 potential gun confiscators (targets). It averaged $88K per person. One third of that would be for benefits. A squad of 18 would have 1 manager and two supervisors. That would put the average grunt making $40-44K, supervisor $48-50k, and manager $55-60K without the possibility of overtime. Kind of cheep for such a deadly job.