Thursday, January 23, 2020

Onsite Report from the Gun Rights Rally in Richmond, VA

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Now, we know those “threats” were all psy-ops by the opposition and were designed to discourage participation. It didn’t work as well as they intended, but it probably did keep some folks away.
The annual gun rights rally held on Monday did not live up to the legacy media’s hype and breathless expectations of bigotry and violence. What transpired showed Americans that there is a massive difference between gatherings of peaceful and law-abiding citizens and that of the likes of Antifa in, say, Portland, Oregon. One of the more honest reports summarizing the rally came from the local paper, the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

A much-anticipated gun-rights rally Monday attracted an estimated 22,000 people to the heart of Virginia’s capital for a passionate yet nonviolent protest of gun control legislation.

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  1. The only participation that matters is at the ballot box. State government doesnt operate by listening to the loudest mob on the front steps.


    1. Hasn't for a long while, only who offers the most $.